At NAE:UM we serve contemporary Seoul cuisine, a harmony of modern Western techniques and Korean heritage flavors. Our wish is to reflect the dynamicism of Seoul, an international city that continues to retain its strong roots and traditions.

NAE:UM was created by Chef Louis Han after a year of preparation. The restaurant name “NAE:UM” is a poetic Korean word referring to ‘a fragance that evokes memories’. It embodies our goal to create innovative dishes that bring a sense of nostalgia to our diners.



Chef Louis Han was born and bred in Gangnam, a Seoul district famed for setting trends. Since young, he has lived with a juxtaposition of Western cultures and Korean traditions, influencing his style of cooking. His adventurous heart took him to Lebanon, where he served with the United Nations, and Abu Dhabi, before he settled down in Singapore.

Chef Louis founded the concept of NAE:UM in late 2019 and persistently brought the restaurant to life despite the pandemic. NAE:UM is his first venture as an independent restauranteur.

Work with us

We welcome all passionate individuals to join our front-of-house and back-of-house teams. Please send your cover letter and curriculum vitae to the email address below.

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